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cgi for property developers

Technology has allowed us the ability to look inside homes before they have even been built. CGI’s will increase your sales, increase customer satisfaction and set you way ahead of your competitors. We have recently created the ability to view these CGI for Property Developers in VR and give your customers the ultimate viewing experience.

From our design studio in Worksop, we’ll deliver CGI for Property Developers that meets the needs of your business. We will develop CGI’s that will bring extra life to your business. We only use the highest quality products to ensure we can deliver you an unforgettable experience.

With years of experience in developing CGI for property developers, Castle Creativity are able to create unique and detailed insights into the property development journey, from initial pipeline idea to bricks, mortar and kettle! We understand the difficulty property developers face in selling their idea to customers in those early stages, where 2D drawings are hard to understand by the average buyer. We dive into the vision of the developer and create realistic 3D imagery to help communicate these visions and ideas clearly to prospective buyers. In the later stages we’re able to work with both developer and buyer to create their dream interior, from colour scheme to furniture!

Here is how we can Hugely increase your selling power




cgi for property developers

CGI for property developers

External CGI's for Property Developers

Bring your architectural plan to life

Communicate your architectural plan to customers clearly with these 3D visualisations, removing the headache of talking through your external design plan from a black and white floor plan. Let customers into your vision before you’ve even put shovel to foundation.

Want to go a step further? Our external CGI’s can show to scale street plans, how the property will look next its neighbours and really start to introduce the potential community feeling in your customer’s mind.

Visualisations of interiors

Add a little flavour

Give your customers the opportunity to see their dream house come to life in front of their eyes. We use CGI to take a floor plan and turn it into an ultra-realistic image of the finished property; right down to room design, colours, textures and furniture. Provide your customers with a walkthrough blank canvas for them to start planning / Pinterest-ing their dream kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Interactive Walkthrough / VR Tour

Let's go for a walk

Bring the customers feeling of walking around their brand-new property forward with a virtual reality walkthrough; an effect that can be invaluable. Using CGI, we can replicate each proposed development concept including to scale rooms, hallways and stairs and genuinely give your customers the opportunity to see themselves moving through the space of their new home.

cgi for property developers

Floorplans & Layouts

Create a better idea of living space

Give your floor plans depth and create a fuller image of space and design with our internal visualisations. We transform 2D property layout plans into an eye-catching and detailed computer generated 3D model to help invite customers into your vision and give them a clear idea of the inner and outer bones of the property in the very early stages.

cgi for property developers

Visuals for Planning Apps

Gain Planning Approval Faster

Gain planning permission faster with clear, visual representations of your plans using Computer Generated Images. These ultra-realistic, to scale 3D images make your vision easy to understand, putting a stronger case forward to your local planning authorities and allowing you to get started with your development much quicker. Save time and say it with a visual!

“After recommendation, we approached Castle Creativity for support in selling our current and upcoming phase 2 development. The team were more than happy to help us at every stage of the process, from the website, site brochure and even to the NCR pads we used to collect purchasers spec choices! I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke and team to anyone in the future.”

William Wilson BSc (Hons) MCIOB

Castle Creativity were fantastic to work with. Communication was outstanding and very prompt. The work they produced was exactly as needed for my project and of great quality. I have no hesitation in recommending them. No doubt we will be using them for future developments.”

G Woolhouse

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