Our donation to the Oldham Quiet Ones

Back in 2020 our team at Castle were contacted by a charity in Oldham looking to build a new website to help attract more visitors to their page. 

Oldham Quiet Ones are an amazing charity supporting Laryngectomy patients (the process of removing the Larynx after a cancer diagnosis), and after learning more about the group and the fantastic work they do for their patients, we knew we wanted to help in any way we could! We spoke with the group and asked whether they’d accept a new website as a donation from our team to theirs – a small gesture to show how much their work is appreciated! 

The team at OQO were amazing to work with and made this project a pleasure to work on! 

Dave at Oldham Quiet Ones:

“We contacted Luke at Castle Creativity to see if he would be able to help and design us a new attractive website. 

We wanted a simple design, but one that included all the information we need. We needed a website that we could easily update and add information to regularly.

We think we have got all that we required and more.

We have had lots of great comments from the members about the new website and we are sure that when restrictions start to ease again and we’re able to hold meetings again, that the website will be invaluable to us in promoting our meetings and events

I think the feedback we’ve received about the professional look of our website has not only raised our profile locally, but it’s also improved the status of our group nationally.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Oldham Quiet Ones and what they do, visit their website at https://www.theoldhamquietones.co.uk/.

To find out more about our Web Design services, click here: https://www.castlecreativity.com/web-design/ or request a call back from our team!

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